We really want our Client to always enjoy products purchased in our stores! Here you will find several simple shoe care recommendations.
Recommendations for new shoes



You should treat your new shoes with a special wax before you start wearing them. It will soften their leather, help avoid wrinkle formation and make the shoes wear longer. We recommend using SALAMANDER SHOE WAX. This wax makes leather soft, giving it a brilliant shine, and protects shoes against moisture and dirt.



You should protect your new suede and nubuck shoes or boots against moisture. This kind of treatment prevents shoes from getting soaking wet and delays their becoming dirty. Use spray SALAMANDER NUBUCK VELOURS FRESH for initial treatment. The special formula softens shoes and protects them against environmental factors.



Patent-leather shoes should also be treated with a special cream before you start wearing them. It will preserve the shine and prevent cracks on the surface. SALAMANDER LACK CREAM is a perfect option. This kind of treatment will make it possible to wear your shoes or boots for a long time.

Shoe Cleaning Recommendations


If your shoes got very dirty or wet, we recommend cleaning them with SALAMANDER WETTER SCHUTZ. Once the shoes are dried up, they should be treated with a moisture protection spray. Spray SALAMANDER LEATHER FRESH keeps your shoes in perfect condition for a long time and protects against environmental factors.

If you found cracks or scratches on the surface of your leather product, use professional SALAMANDER dye BLACK for black leather. Special combination of pigments thoroughly dyes scratches and shabby areas. SALAMANDER offers a wide range of dyes for different leather colors.


If you want to restore the original velvety touch of your suede shoes, use special rubber brush SALAMANDER RAULEDERBURSTE. It removes dirt and dust from the surface of your shoes. If necessary, you can use additionally a special cleaning foam for all leathers COMBI CLEANER or a cleaning sponge that removes difficult stains NUBUCK VELOURS CLEANER by SALAMANDER.

If you found shabby areas on your suede or nubuck product, use special SALAMANDER lotion NUBUCK VELOURS LIQUID. It will refresh the product’s color and remove the shabby areas. Apply to clean and dry surface.



For patent-leather products use special SALAMANDER foam LACK CARE which contains silicon oil. It will renew the product’s color and make it shine.



If you used to wear shoes on your bare feet, you should purchase SALAMANDER FUN&FRESH. This insole absorbs foot moisture perfectly, giving you the comfortable feel when wearing your shoes, ensures optimal cushioning and air circulation. The insole is easy to use and clean: simply wash it in warm soapy water to preserve freshness and comfort.

If in winter your feet are freezing when you wear your shoes or boots, just change the insoles in them. The best option for winter is ASTRO THERM insole by SALAMANDER. It consists of natural wool, foam and a thin aluminium layer. Natural wool keeps your feet warm, soft foam provides optimal cushioning and heat insulating aluminium layer effectively protects against cold.
Follow these simple rules and wear your shoes longer!